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  By Colenda, Ph.D., Dr. Reynolds. Shapiro M.A., LPC., Dr. Sangster

What’s up with the media and Landmark?

We have found the media accounts of Landmark to be fascinating. They tend not to be insightful, but rather more anecdotal in nature and not based on real facts. We have seen a significant number of great articles that either profile Landmark or people crediting major accomplishments to what they have gotten out of the programs. As is so often the case with popular media these stories are passed over in favor of more sensational story angles.

News sources continue to propagate inaccurate and old information and seem never to take into account that nearly one million people have taken the programs and that numerous studies have shown the value people have gotten out of those courses.

Landmark on Sacramento Television


What other people say:

Negative stories about anyone or any company always seem to be self-perpetuating. The media forms opinions and offers these opinions to their constituents as facts or original research, instead of clarifying that it is only what they have heard and often through a filter of “gossip”. Sometimes the benefits people get out of taking The Landmark Forum seem “too good to be true” to people hearing about them – that seems to be an invitation for the media to do what it can to find something negative or disquieting to say.

However, I have been noticing more and more very positive coverage of Landmark from around the world. In the end, what I find most reliable in this, as in most matters, is my own informed opinion and personal experience.

From A Maplewood Writer:
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March 2010

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September 2008

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June 5, 2008

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November 2007

The C-word
… Round about now the C-word is probably going through your mind. And the answer, from someone who’s just been there, is
no, Landmark is nothing like a cult. The company is aware of previous accusations and rumour, and dismisses them emphatically.

They would, of course. But what is compelling, is commentary from, among others, Dr Raymond Fowler, former CEO of the American Psychological Association, who said that in his personal opinion: “The Landmark Forum is not a cult or anything like a cult, and I do not see how any reasonable, responsible person could say that it is.”

Why the rumor?

Landmark is definitely not a cult or even similar to one, yet this unsubstantiated rumor is perpetuated by a small number of people and organizations that benefit from such rumors. These groups and individuals level cult accusations against many of the leading companies and organizations in the personal development field. As an example, in March of 2011 an Israeli website “The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults” was the subject of a newspaper expose and revealed be secular front for a ultra-orthodox religious group. Many legitimate and mainstream organizations are on these groups websites. Even though qualified experts have definitively stated that Landmark and other organizations are not cults, these websites refuse to correct their content.

Here are a few excerpts from the March 4, 2011 expose in the newspaper Yedioth Aharonot;

  • “So why the new name “The Israel Center for Cult Victims”? Perhaps because the two previous organizations suffered from a negative image related to religious coercion and encouraging people to “return” to Judaism. Fighting against cults under the guise of a secular organization may give them legitimacy from the public to attack organizations and institutions”
  • “And who does the Center define as a cult? The list on the Center’s website is a mix of various groups and corporations. They do not seem to have a common denominator, besides the fact that they are not acceptable to the Haredi establishment and they did not get “kosher certification” from the [Haredi] court.”
  • “On the list there are philosophies and techniques that are considered legitimate and acceptable… yoga groups, meditation, philosophy studies, the “Landmark” corporation (“The Forum”), as well as longstanding and legitimate worldwide religious groups.”
  •  “The Landmark Forum was established 20 years ago, and I am very familiar with it. In terms of their ideas it is a secular organization, which is nothing like the Kabbalah Center – which is a religious idea... I don’t call any of these groups a cult.” -Prof. Binyamin Beit-Halachmi, a researcher of the Psychology of Religion in the Psychology Department at Haifa University.
  • “Prof. Binyamin Beit-Halachmi, a researcher of the Psychology of Religion in the Psychology Department at Haifa University and an expert on the topic, is not surprised about the relationship that was exposed between the Haredi organization and the Center for Cult Victims: “I am familiar with the activities of Yad L’Achim and have been aware of them for decades. If they would present themselves to the public as a Haredi organization, they would not be taken as seriously and people would call them zealots and fanatics.”


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